Winter Time Saver!

download (2)Today, rising energy costs and office costs at home while budgets are reduced in our office and at home stagnant wages, worried public. For those of us who live in climates that require more heating in winter, there are things you can do to improve the comfort of our homes, reducing costs.

Windows, especially older ones, can have a winter inconvenience. With the advantages of modern double glazing or triple, there are many air leaks in the older system style windows. The first thing you can do abroad is to caulk the gap between windows, doors and house siding. If you do not have double windows to build your own using UV transparent plastic and wooden frame. Use wing nut to secure the sleeve in place. In the spring to remove the structure and store them in a safe place for later use years. The interior of the glass apply the transparent film which is now available in a kit of different sizes. Attached to the window frame with double-sided tape and shrink with heat from a hair dryer plastic must be removed after the winter that led to annual investments. We found that it is worth investing in an old house and see the resulting decrease in heating costs because of it.

A south window may be good during the winter. Keep curtains open during the hours that the window receives direct sunlight, making the most of free solar energy to heat the home. Wash windows before winter to ensure the film and block the dust of sunlight.

Keep moving away from curtains and heating vents. It makes no sense to heat the bottom of the couch or blow hot air curtain, and fogging the windows. Ventilation deflector is available which divert hot air to where you need to make better use of the valuable heat.

images (4)Have your furnace inspected and cleaned annually. Conduit should be cleaned every few years to clean the air we breathe and allow air to circulate efficiently. Make sure that the furnace filter changed regularly – every month in our house. Maintaining the temperature resist when you are out or sleeping in bed Using a programmable thermostat allows this result is much easier to make and save enough on your heating bills in one year to pay the cost of the thermostat.

The exterior walls with sockets and switches are the “cold spots” potential. When electrical boxes are where the insulation is not! Buy cheap foam inserts and install packages in each box to help deter any project. Often, the increased loss of heat in the house comes from the external os. Weather-strip doors and scuff plates should be checked for air leaks and replaced if necessary.

Some other “cold spots” in the home is the fireplace and a hood. Check the fireplace damper to ensure a comfortable fit, so when it ends at that time are not used do not let the cold air. Sometimes the aspiration of a forced air heating system can draw fresh air through the hood above the stove. Try to block it with a corrugated plastic piece attached with a magnetic strip. As a reminder post it on the button on top of the fan cover so it does not accidentally turned without removing the front cover.

Keep hot water tank thermostat at 55? C for efficiency. Installation of tank insulation kits, and protect all the hot water pipes are easily accessible.

These are just some ways, quite inexpensive for you to save money this winter and every winter for years to come. You can be proud that you are informed consumers and responsible resources. You’ll also feel much more comfortable in the warm currents homeless.

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