We Got Rid of the Drapes and Had Irvine Shutters Installed Because of My Dust Allergies

I had seemed to have gotten my allergies back late in adulthood. I was in my late forties when my nose went wild, especially in the spring. Then I could not take dust and other allergens indoors. We got rid of the wall-to-wall carpeting and all of the big heavy drapes. We actually liked the look of our house with hardwood floors and these really neat orange county blinds that we had installed to replace the draperies. They are made of wood and they become part of the structure of your house. They have louvers on them to control light and privacy, and you can swing them inward out of the way. They look great from the inside and from the street. They add an incredible curb appeal to our home. Much more than just seeing the backsides of sheers and draperies did.

The open look makes our house feel so much bigger too. My wife and I did not realize how these Irvine shutters would look on our house until after we had the living room windows done. After that, we had them do the rest of the house. We even had the small windows in the bathroom and the windows in the unfinished attic done too. We used to just have miniblinds on the attic windows. The house has a nice uniform look to it inside and out now. We did not even know that we had oak hardwood flooring right under our carpeting. It is sort of the bright side of me getting severe allergies.

After a couple of years of medications, the allergies dissipated. I no longer take anything for them, and I can be in dusty places with only a few sneezes here and there. Still, we are glad to have the hardwood floors and the Irvine shutters. Our house looks better because of changes we had to make because of my allergies.

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