Save tons of money – 24 Grande Water Conservation Tips

1. Install timers water is good for all your plants. This will help you save money on your next water bill. It will also save time.

2. Save water by using a drip system. Check the yellow pages for landscaping or drip system for installation. Most of the infusion system is inexpensive and easy to install. You can do it yourself.

3. Water in the morning, especially your lawn. Avoid watering during the hours of middle or end. Who knows what you might see!

4. The watering during the late hours and standing water may promote fungus and diseases. You will save irrigation water in the morning.

5. Check the irrigation system to make sure you do not wash the sidewalk or in your neighbors yard.

6. Ensure that all irrigation pipes not lost, blocked or tablets.

7. Choose weeds or for other reasons, such as drought and require less maintenance. Check with your local nursery for other types of low water the grass.

8. Deep watering is much better than in shallow water. Make sure the drain water wells.

9. Remember that most trees, plants and shrubs need to irrigate immediately after settlement. It is usually about one year after implantation.

10. Use a soaker hose for most plants, as it gives less evaporation.

11. Always use a good mulch for planting trees, shrubs or plants. The mulch will help retain water.

12. Do not use a water hose to spray the sidewalk or pavement remains. Instead, use a broom.

13. Use a bucket to wash your car. Use a detergent “Car Wash”, which helps to prevent stretch marks. Use a hand nozzle that will die after washing the vehicle.

14. Turn off the water jet system and drop by drop right after a good rain.

15. Avoid irrigation during windy days. The wind will evaporate the water more rapidly.

16. Keep your cutter blades, dull blades tear grass they take more water to recover.

17. Keep your page maintained in a base year. Mow, prune, and get rid of. Your neighbors will thank you and you will feel better afterwards.

18. Keep a long hot baths for special occasions. Take short showers instead.

19. Try using a low flow or xeriscape plants for your garden or home landscape. Or go to dry facilities here

20. Do not connect the cooling of at least 80-85 degrees. Evaporative cooler you will use much less water.

21. Make sure to slightly open a window in each room so that the hot air escapes.

22. Conservation of water is needed to maintain the evaporative cooler – check for leaks and adequate water flow.

23. Install efficient shower. Cheaper and easier to install.

24. Shower with your significant other! Yes shower or bath with your partner, it is almost possible to reduce your water bill by half!

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