Owners Home Make Bigger Mistakes Of America

images (3)The biggest mistake that 90% of American homeowners make is putting a dark colored shingle on their roof. Scientific studies show that the different colored blocks absorb and reflect different amounts of heat. White pebbles drive less and reflect more heat, while black tiles contain and absorb more heat.

Almost all consumers know that black socks or dark shirts absorb more heat than light colors. As most people are aware of this basic concept, I have difficulty understanding why 90% of the buildings in our nation dark on the roof. Putting a black roof on a house or a building is not the best thing you can do.

It is well known that we are concerned with different colors. White colors lifts us while dark colors depress us. Every morning when I wake up pull the curtains and let the light shine in. I want to be happy and feel good. When I poke my head to see what was going on in the world, I want to see the white roof against their sad counterparts. It is a dark-colored roof that contribute to the epidemic of depression in our country?

Roof heat transfer is the roof of transfer temperature of almost 200 degrees to process your attic. Grenier can reach over 140 degrees temperatures. This heat creates moisture that falls on your attic insulation. This moisture and becomes less effective thermal insulation is then sink into your home. Insulation slows and prevents a transfer of heat to your house, but I can guarantee you that you will never stop this heat transfer. This heat then causes your A / C unit works. The heat of your roof, the more difficult and you need to run the air conditioning unit. The more you run the air conditioner, the more life becomes. The roof of the heat transfer is a term every American should know.

A white roof will reflect 30% of solar heat gain against the black ceiling. Some people argue that the dark roof is better in cold climates. While I was doing research in this area, I think I could be wrong. I did not find studies that demonstrate this theory yet.

Something all Americans should understand is that yes, we have a shortage of oil, but we have less natural gas. Last year, when the drilled oil well was common for oil producers to find gushing wells. Gushers caused by the gas pressure which pushes the oil to the surface. Usually, not more than gas in all cases. If there is natural gas, oil producers need to install a pump to suck oil out. You rarely hear of all the great gushing oil wells and almost never heard. When you hear about a shortage of oil, which should alarm when considering natural gas and electricity bills you.

Most of our natural gas plants. It will take decades to build alternative energy production. Environment will not cause pollution of coal plants built and most Americans must have a Chernobyl nuclear plant in your garden. Because there is no other solution is rapidly approaching, conservation is a necessity. We must do all we can to reduce the consumption of electricity and natural gas.

10229931214a5331a0c11c14.01430867Many people become very angry when the price of gasoline increases. More natural resources use our car building. If you save energy in your home will have a direct effect on the demand and prices of other petroleum products.

If you are a manager who owns the building you are doing a disservice to our nation and your company with the installation of a dark roof. Your task is to save your company money. More money you make for your business, the more money it will make. Roofs made of dark tar oil in order to contribute to our foreign oil demand. Not only is the wise is anti-American.

If Pu Great Ba pool of a house that insists every home in this neighborhood has a dark ceiling to match, you must change the laws for-fashioned.

I like to think that the environment leading the nation by example and to inform others and themselves how to conserve our natural resources. They earn more credibility that way.

Protesters against war must be aware of the oil war range. If you really want this war will disappear you have to do your part to prevent our dependence on other nations. Chances are very high that WW III will arise over natural resources and needs.

The decline in gasoline prices is only temporary and will certainly increase after the election. People who believe they can complain and permanent government will force oil companies to reduce the price fool you. The only way that can happen is that if we play our present form of government and turned into a socialist state. We live in a capitalist society and supply and demand determine the price. Because there is a growing shortage of natural resources, prices will continue to become larger. Our only option is to consume less and are constantly searching for alternative energy.

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