I Needed to Get Rid of Some Pigeons

I know when people hear about New York City and they think about birds, most think about pigeons. I know that I do, but that is because I used to have a pretty major pigeon problem. I have a store where they used to hang out, and it would get pretty frustrating trying to deal not only with them but with the mess they ultimately left behind as well. I finally decided to contact an exterminator in NYC to see if they could offer me any assistance with this problem.

I know that exterminators are known for taking care of insects and rodents, and often not in humane ways. I had heard that this exterminator does help with controlling pigeons in a very humane way. I am an animal lover, and this is the only way that I would do anything to get rid of them, if I knew that they would not be hurt in the process. I am the type of person who even uses live traps if there is a mouse anywhere to be found, because I just don’t want to be the one to kill anything.

I went to the exterminator’s website to see just how everything is done, and there was a wealth of information there. I was really happy that I was going to be able to be rid of the birds without hurting them in the process. This was especially true because I would not have the mess anymore that they were leaving behind every single day. I knew that it was an inconvenience to my customers, and I did not want any of them getting hurt because their mess can actually be quite slippery. Now I don’t have any pigeon issues, and my property has never looked better than what it does right now.

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