How To Reduce Your Winter Fuel Bills

images (5)There are three ways to reduce your fuel bill. First, you can protect your home so that heat loss is minimized. Second, you can use energy-efficient appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing and energy saving lighting equipment. The third way is perhaps the most important. Making the most efficient heating system. If central heating boilers is not effective, while a low level produces less heat combustion. Due to the emission of harmful combustion ineffective above, especially in the form of unburned particles.

The obvious solution is to replace it with a more efficient heating boiler. It can cost thousands. There are more simple, DIY, inexpensive.

Connecting a magnet for the fuel supply of the boiler tube directly into the combustion and cleaning, your house becomes warmer and you become more hot water to the same value.

Magnets condition before oil or gas, allowing a good mix with the oxygen in the air to burn. It produces more heat for the same amount of fuel. Because it burns cleaner, emission levels will drop significantly.

High efficiency furnaces have soot due to poor combustion. When using the magnet, immediately stopped soot and combustion chamber gradually de-coked. This means that your boiler will last longer and require less maintenance.

Magnets have been used since 1940 as energy saving devices. Magnetic field of the US Air Force successfully used to improve aircraft performance Mustang. The magnetic field is greater and better performance of poor fuel. It was a great success, the Royal Air Force used the Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft.

The device, however, is too heavy and cumbersome to obtain a high magnetic field, they must use electromagnets. Today, with the development, such as Super neodymium magnet, the magnetic field is stronger than what can be generated by the magnets the size of a matchbox.

download (3)Magnets are employed in the combustion chamber using oil or gas. It is very effective when attached to the car, especially on older cars, where low MPG carbs. In 1992, Warren Springs Laboratories, UK government vehicle testing service itself DTI, which was hired to conduct in-depth studies on the benefits of magnetic fuel conditioning technology, and we were surprised by the results. Its depth of 16 pages report confirmed an increase in power, fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions. When the magnet is removed, the inverted advantages.

Cost magnet right a few pounds. A new cost of central heating boiler more. A neodymium magnet magnetic properties do for 100 years. It does not require maintenance, and if you move, simply remove and connected to the line leading to the heating boiler of your new home.

Currently, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere would still be acceptable. The best option for homeowners is a energy costs, but the installation of high reusable and takes at least ten years to recover the investment. Most homes can not afford the conversion. Continue to use oil or gas. So it is very important that they make the best use of it and can be reached almost 100% fossil fuels and gas. Attach the magnet will help achieve this goal.

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