Helping My Uncle Renovate a House

My uncle has decided that he is going to move out of the suburbs and so he has found this old farm house that he is going to renovate. It is not a small thing, but he claims that he has done all of the math on it and of course he has a bit of money as he works in computer programming. The big deal is going to be finding stuff like Sacramento hvac services, This place is a long way from modern and it needs to have everything a modern home has, in spite of that he is undeterred and convinced that he can do the entire project on time and on budget. I am not really convinced of that, but of course it is not as though he is going to listen to me. My job is not to figure out that sort of thing or even act like I would know the answers, because I only know what I have seen on TV.

So far I have been working on clearing the land, or at least what is really necessary. This was a working farm about six or seven years ago, so what has grown up in that time is mostly brush. We can not really burn it after we cut it down, so instead he bought a wood chipper. That really is sort of a way to clear more land. We cut down the big stuff and then we spray the wood chips until it covers up the smaller stuff. The next thing that I will do is to scrape off all of the old paint and then paint the house. He is going to put vinyl siding on it after that, but you have to get the surface prepared so that it is ready for that.

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