Grandfather Clock English Tradition

traditionalAs the terrace of England, the rich history of the clock and tradition of the country. The clock first note was made in 1656. clocks get their name in 1875 from a work song Henry. Also known as the grandfather clock or longcase tallcase hours.

Watchmakers Britain was involved in the design and construction of the clock from the start. English grandfather clocks covering a period of history which included the reign of Charles II, the period of Queen Anne, Georgian period, and the days of Queen Victoria. In fact, the famous Eastgate Clock was designed to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Queen Victoria in 1897.

Grandfather clock English is not the work of one person. Instead, they provide the best example of teamwork. Every time is a proof of the good collaboration between the designers, carpenters and money. Only the best craftsmen in each category have been working at the time. Together they create a beautiful grandfather clock, functional and durable.

traditional-dining-roomIn the early 18th century, English clock moon made quickly. This allows the owner to find out the clock moon phase at a glance, in addition to hours and minutes. More elegantly, dial month is important for life. This feature is very useful for travelers because they are often needed for their trip to coincide with the lunar phases. A safe trip by moonlight. Moon phases are also useful for farmers. Several hours still have dial-moon and the lunar calendar.

Today, many British grandfather antique clock still in circulation. These precious hours which is very popular among collectors. Several popular English grandfather clock, including Holmes, Trubshaw Thomas Cartwright, Thomas Wright, Matthew Thomas & Dutton, Daniel Quare, Allam and Clements, and Thomas Johnson. For clock timeless quality and classic beauty, this is a good example would be a precious gift for anyone considering the purchase of a British grandfather clock.

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