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images (2)Now that the project has been planned and had the blessing of local authorities to continue, it is time to find a contractor to do the work. There are many ways in which this can be achieved and are listed below. Again, proper planning and patience will head in the right direction.

Word of mouth

Looking for a contractor based on quality, reliable and qualified to make your project is best done starting with the “network” of friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues and other acquaintances. This is called “word of mouth” referrals and is by far the best way to start looking for the elusive entrepreneur. Just be careful that the quality standards of each person is different. What do your neighbors feel is quality work you might look dark. He said ideal reference mouth is when you get the same names Entrepreneur of two or three members of your network.


They usually have a good selection of contractors who deal on a regular basis.

Shipyards wood, and other materials construction materials suppliers

It is here that the entrepreneur must get with it! Some leave their business cards or business here will have a list of companies that you can choose. You just have to ask. Most of these companies are not specific to your contractor simply because justice, but also because of potential legal problems. If you need a painter, a plumber, or electricity, you can contact suppliers for their business.

Architects and Engineers

harlequin-slider-4They know that the quality of contractor. Many times they are hired to oversee the project and then be able to see that the company operates and the quality of their work, from beginning to end. Because of the legal ramifications might be hard to get a real references from them too … it does not hurt to try!

Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce

BBB has an online list of its members and other relevant information on the company. Just remember … becoming a member of one of these organizations does not mean they are qualified contractor. Diligent and do your research.

Home Service inspection and code enforcement officer

Again, you can get a list, but there is no clear direction, especially by representatives of the city.

Yellow pages and ads

The idea of ​​spending two nights or flipping through the yellow pages or ads to find a contractor for your dream project as his pleasure? … I do not believe him! This process not only takes time, but “all or nothing” at best! Another problem hope that the contractor will pick up the phone so you can talk to them. If you get the dreaded answering hour wait and pray that they return your call. In all honesty, this tool can be useful. Some can list the address of the site you can visit. Check to see if the contractor has a job online portfolio similar to what you want to do. Also, always remember that the size of advertising does not reflect the quality of work contractors.

Banks, mortgage companies and insurance Pro

It will not hurt to give them a try, especially if you know someone in the business.

Paul Lawrence was owned and operated Home Project Partners, a leading service contractor based Maine for free, since 2002. He helped lead owners with reliable and quality conscious, the shortlisted contractors and home are qualified in various trades

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